Launch Cutting-Edge NFTs Without Coding

Create and sell custom NFTs directly on your website in minutes. Built for brands and creators.

Create interactive NFTs that respond to live data and evolve.
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Full control over your sales and launch, on your site.
Engage and incentivize your followers with private drops.

Complete NFT Launchpad

Easily create basic or advanced NFT collections in minutes. Utilize our unique technology to produce dynamic NFTs that update with live data, are interactive, and API enabled.

Custom launch settings include countdowns, Dutch auctions, randomized minting, reveal later options, multi-tiered whitelists, and more. Multichain minting support.

Sell on your site with a secure NFT minting embed. Customizable, responsive, and no-code needed. Automatically direct buyers to share on social media, join Discord, or anything else.

Upgrade your campaigns after launch and create exclusive NFT prizes to incentivize actions and drive traffic, with integrated airdrops and claims. Track NFT engagement with analytics.

Integrated With

Custom blockchain and wallet support is available.

Turnkey NFT Solutions

For brands and creators.

Launch NFT sales in minutes 

  • Monetize your following while offering value by selling exclusive NFT versions of your content or art, on your website
  • Offer additional enagement by adding locked content or access to other exclusive bonuses just for your NFT holders
  • Open up new markets for your digital goods, including selling Metaverse compatible interactive 3D objects

Drive engagement across content

  • Easily launch cutting edge NFT campaigns to enhance the impact of your current marketing efforts
  • Create an NFT giveaway to drive social media engagement through contests
  • Launch NFTs now, and update them with new features and content later, to fully gamify the experience

Grow your community with NFTs

  • Use NFTs for community-building purposes, allowing fans and followers to feel closer
  • Drop limited edition NFTs to your most supportive community members or reward individuals who help your community succeed
  • Offer limited edition NFTs with special perks, such as meet-and-greets, limited edition merchandise, or tickets to a live event

Offer exclusive NFT perks

  • Use NFTs as a mechanism for validating membership in a club, group or community
  • Sell NFTs as a way to reward your group’s current members or incentivize new ones
  • An NFT-enabled subscription membership can provide access to exclusive items such as early access to upcoming media, limited edition products, or unique events

Create Next-Gen NFTs

Advanced smart contract architecture that can support any project.

Dynamic Living NFTs

Create NFTs that can respond to real world data from any accessible source. NFTs that can dynamically evolve and unlock new features.


Faktura’s architecture will be able to support most major chains. We currently support minting on Ethereum, Polygon, and Algorand.

Javascript Container

Unlock the full power of JavaScript animation frameworks to make anything from living art to 3D games, or even full apps, within your NFTs.

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Custom Contracts

Your NFTs can be deployed using your own custom Smart Contract that is generated when you finalize your NFT collection for minting. 

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Advanced Security

Layered protection makes it impossible to replicate your NFTs or create fraudulent copies. Developed with state of the art best practices.

Marketplace Ready

Our NFTs are secondary marketplace ready, adhering to the standards set by the industry so that they can be easily viewed, bought, and sold.

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Developer Friendly

With our upcoming API you can build custom and dynamic NFT art and brand experiences tailored to your imagination, integrated with your data.

Recent Launch Partners

Famous photographers, best selling authors, emerging fine artists and more.

Captured Moment

By Frederic Auerbach

Entangled Life

By Merlin Sheldrake


Augmented Rome

By Priscilla Pallante


Your Bottom Line

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    Save time and money on developers

    Avoid having to interview, hire, and manage a full NTF dev team. If you want to leverage any unique NFT behavior or properties, NFT launches often require at least 2-3 dedicated developers.

  • Deliver an integrated NFT buying experience

    Easily embed a thoroughly tested and optimized NFT purchasing flow, on your website. The style and feel of the minting process will fully match that of your brand.

  • Offer future-proof NFTs to your fans today

    Faktura NFTs can be updated as new protocols and standards emerge. Launch you campaign now and easily update or upgrade your NFTs later.


While we're in Beta and finalizing a few key interface features, we are manually processing applications from interested collaborators and clients.

After you will out the form below, we will follow up with you within 48 hours to get you set up with our end-to-end NFT platform process.

When Faktura comes out of Beta, in July, anyone will be able to sign up and create NFTs, however they want.

Dynamic NFTs can be thought of as NFT 2.0

While NFT 1.0 is limited to static jpegs and video loops, new technologies spurring NFT 2.0 now enable dynamic NFTs to be interactive, offer cross-platform functionality, and be integrated into in various systems.

Dynamic NFTs can respond to data from outside sources in order to evolve or change based on real world events.  

Faktura provides you with advanced minting tools that no other platform provides.


While it's easy to mint basic NFTs on platforms like Opensea and Rarible, they be will on a shared collection contract you don't own, and lack any unique functionality like dynamic upgradability.


Additionally, Faktura's custom minting embeds ensure you can keep traffic and engagement on your site instead of sending it to another platform.


After NFTs are minted with Faktura's tools, they can always easily be bought and sold on other marketplaces.

NFTs have helped make digital art more democratic and monetizable for artists across the globe.


As more and more reputable artists mint their art as NFTs, cryptoart has now become a serious player in the artworld.


If you’re a data or code-based artist, consider exploring our javascript engine, which can be equipped to respond to an infinite number of inputs, as a new canvas for your NFTs.

Any digital marketing, PR, or launch strategy can be substantially enhanced by an NFT campaign. Brands can leverage NFTs to strengthen their relationship with existing customers, while bringing in new ones.


NFT sales and giveaways are a great way to drive press and interest in an upcoming launch.


By selling, rewarding, and gifting NFTs, marketers can now craft a new type of engagement strategy, that blurs traditional marketing techniques.

Brands and creators can use NFTs for community-building purposes, allowing fans and followers to feel closer.


Owning a limited edition NFT by their favorite creator is something die-hard fans value, especially if the NFT includes special perks, such as meet-and-greets, limited edition merchandise, or tickets to a live event.


Brands can drop limited edition NFTs to their most active and supportive community members or reward individuals who help their community succeed.

If you have any other questions, just tap the message icon in the bottom right corner and our team will respond shortly.

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